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TOP TEN LIST – FUNNY JUDICIAL QUOTES: Judges can be funny too, sometimes (15-08)

FUNNY JUDICIAL QUOTES: In honor of this being thfunnyjudgee 100th Judicial Training Update issued since 2010 I offer a bit of uncharacteristic judicial humor. If anyone has ever questioned whether judges too have a sense of humor, you need look no further than this top 10 list of the funniest judicial quotes found in the legal blogosphere.




Criminal Motions for Judgment of Acquittal (15-07)

Ten Basic Facts & One Special Rule for Circumstantial Evidence Cases: The Mandatory Two-Step “Al-Naseer/Silvernail” Analysis:

Motions for Judgment of Acquittal are made in almost all criminal cases. There are 10 basic factcircumstantil evidence cats that apply to all motions for acquittal and one special rule for circumstantial evidence cases that judges MUST follow. The Court of Appeals recently clarified the proper analysis the District Court MUST apply when the state’s case is based largely or entirely on circumstantial evidence. Failure to apply the correct analysis could result in reversal. State v. Sam, 859 N.W.2d 825 (Minn.App.2015).

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