Warrantless Motor Vehicle Searches: Summary Reference Chart (13-10)

This update is a supplement to the Minnesota Handbook on Motor Vehicle Stops & Warrantless Searches and provides a SUMMARY REFERENCE CHART of the seven (7) exceptions to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement under which warrantless stops and searches of motor vehicles may be justified.




2 responses to “Warrantless Motor Vehicle Searches: Summary Reference Chart (13-10)

  1. Does a passenger of a vehicle having contraband give them probable cause to search entire vehicle including the locked trunk? Is probable cause enough to search locked compartments?


    • Michael, sorry for the delay in responding to your question. All of your individual questions are directly addressed in Chapter 4 of my book “Minnesota Handbook on Warrantless Motor Vehicle Searches”. A digital copy of the book Can be found on my blog web page under “Featured Book”. Make sure you look at the vignette examples in that chapter. Chapter 4 was designed to answer those exact type of questions. Please let me know if that helps. Good luck.


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