; Your One-Stop Car Accessory Gift Store.

Although I have not posted any new training updates in quite some time, this site remains extremely busy because of the legal research library and 100’s of archived past training updates. I am extremely gratified that so many of you continue to find value in those services.

Over the past year I’ve been working on something I have always wanted to do but was much to busy to give it the time it demanded. Owning and running my own ecommerce business. After partnering with some incredibly talented web designers and a large US based supplier I recently launched my first ecommerce car accessory store named is designed to be a one-stop car accessory gift store. We sell a wide variety of quality car accessories at affordable prices with fast and free US shipping. Our promotional slogan is “Car accessories make fantastic gifts!” I am very proud of how the end product turned out.

I would be honored if you would be one of the first to visit my store at

Below is a sample promo ad highlighting one of our best selling products:

Clean your car in a snap! Try this innovative Car Vacuum Cleaner:

One response to “; Your One-Stop Car Accessory Gift Store.

  1. Kathleen Fischer

    Nice Alan! Good gift ideas. Take care, Kathleen Fischer

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