SEARCH WARRANTS: Answers to 12 Core Questions Every Judge and Attorney Should Know (20-05)

The search warrant requirement delineated in the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution is one of our most sacred constitutional rights.

This Training Update provides answers to the following 12 core search warrant questions:

  1. What is the legal standard for issuing a search warrant?
  2. What is the standard for issuing a “no knock” warrant?
  3. What is the standard for authorizing a “nighttime search”?
  4. What kind of peace officer can execute a search warrant?
  5. What type of crime must be involved for a search warrant?
  6. Who has jurisdiction to issue a search warrant?
  7. Who must sign the application for a search warrant?
  8. Who does the judge actually issue the search warrant to?
  9. Once a search warrant is issued how quickly must it be executed?
  10. When executed who gets copies of the search warrant?
  11. Once executed what must be returned to the issuing court?
  12. What is the standard for obtaining a telephonic search warrant?

For a print ready copy of this search warrant update click here


3 responses to “SEARCH WARRANTS: Answers to 12 Core Questions Every Judge and Attorney Should Know (20-05)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this PDF printable file. This is very helpful for us.


  2. Judge Pendleton, I am also retired now, but always enjoyed appearing in front of you. I now teach Constitutional Law classes in Alexandria and your topic on search warrants is a great one. Wondering if you would ever consider being a guest speaker in one of my classes.


    • Michael, thank you for the kind words. I would be happy to speak at one of your classes. I’m currently in AZ but will be coming back to Minnesota sometime late summer or early fall. I head back to AZ each year right after Xmas.

      You should check out my Blog site at “”. I have several updates that deal with constitutional issues. On the website I also have a link to a comprehensive training handbook I wrote for law enforcement titled: HANDBOOK ON MOTOR VEHICLE STOPS & WARRANTLESS SEARCHES. If your students add their email address to the website they will automatically receive future training updates.

      Best Wishes


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